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Twelve reasons to choose a Virtual Colonoscopy.


1. Virtual Colonoscopy (VC), also referred to as CT colonography, is a noninvasive, safe examination for colon cancer screening.

2. The entire colon is seen with a Virtual Colonoscopy.

3. If a large precancerous polyp or growth is found in your colon, an Optical Colonoscopy may be required for biopsy.

4. Large polyps — about 1 cm in size (about 3/8 inches) or greater — are accurately detected by VC. Removal of these polyps is recommended because they are precancerous. Less than 10 percent of patients require Optical Colonoscopy (OC) and polypectomy to remove a polyp after VC. Four percent of patients at Advanced Imaging have been referred for OC following VC examination. Sometimes this can be done the same day without an additional prep.

5. Conversely, up to 10 percent of Optical Colonoscopy examinations are incomplete, requiring the patient to also have a Virtual Colonoscopy examination to complete the evaluation of the entire colon.

6. Smaller polyps are less likely to be precancerous and can be watched or removed depending on their size and patient preference.

7. The American Cancer Society has included Virtual Colonoscopy as a recommended screening tool for colorectal cancer. There are other tests for colon screening besides colonoscopy (VC and OC); these tests may be less specific or not widely available. Please refer to the American Cancer Society guidelines.

8. Many insurance carriers approve Virtual Colonoscopy as a screening tool for colorectal cancer screening.

9. A Virtual Colonoscopy also allows the radiologist to take a limited look outside the colon for problems in the abdomen and pelvis. If any other problems are seen outside your colon, those findings will be sent to your doctor in the full VC report.

10. Recent data indicates that the Virtual Colonoscopy is as accurate as an Optical Colonoscopy for cancer screening.

11. Since no actual colonoscope is inserted, there is no risk of perforation or bleeding. No sedation or anesthesia is required for the examination. A patient can return to normal activities immediately after the examination with no need for "recovery time."

12. The American Cancer Society recommends colon cancer screening for both men and women who are over the age of 50. For those individuals with a positive family history of colon cancer (family members such as father, mother, brother or sister), ACS recommends colon cancer screening starting at the age of 40.

It’s your choice to have a Virtual Colonoscopy or an Optical Colonoscopy. Make your decision an informed one.

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