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Frequently Asked Questions

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Digital Mammography FAQ

How long will my Mammogram take?

15 minutes from the time you walk in to the time that you leave AI.

How long until I receive the results?

Within a week, unless we are waiting for your previous comparison mammograms from another facility. This can sometimes take 2-3 weeks.

Why do you need to have my prior mammogram from another facility?

It is important to compare to the last exam that you have had to see if anything has changed since the last mammogram.

Does Digital Mammography use radiation?

Yes, slightly less that with film/screen mammograms.

Is there compression with a Digital Mammogram?

Yes the compression is the same, but the amount of time the compression is applied is shorter.

What kinds of Mammograms are performed at Advanced Imaging?

Screening Mammograms.

What if I have breast implants?

All patients with breast implants must have their mammograms done at Community Medical Center.

Why is Digital Mammography better?

Digital Mammography enables the Radiologists to adjust the images contrast and magnification, to aid them in diagnosis. Digital Mammography is especially superior for women with dense fibrous breasts.

Will my mammogram be double read?

Our Radiologists use a tool called CAD (Computer Aided Diagnosis). This is a computer program that is designed to evaluate mammograms. So all mammograms are read by our Radiologist and evaluated with the CAD program.

Why do I have to remove my deodorant?

Deodorant can sometimes appear as an area of calcification on a mammogram.

Do I need an order/prescription to have a screening mammogram?

According to the MQSA, (Mammography Quality Standard Act) a routine annual mammograms can be self referred.







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