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Digital Mammography/CAD

Digital Mammography

Changing the way women think about mammography.

Mammograms are vital to a woman’s health. They enable healthcare providers to detect masses that simply can’t be felt, and by doing so, they’ve saved countless lives through early detection. However, mammograms have never been particularly convenient or comfortable. Women often cite inconvenience as the primary reason for not getting a mammogram.” I simply don’t have time,” they say. Advanced Imaging has changed that with technology and two facilities that improve patient comfort, shorten exam times and facilitate healthcare provider consultation.

Twice the resolution in half the time.

Improving exams begins with incorporating the latest technology from GE: full-field Digital Mammography. Advanced Imaging is the only provider in Western Montana to offer this amazing new technology. It cuts compression and scan times in half while producing images that are clearer, more detailed and superior in every way to traditional mammography. The result is remarkably short exam times. On average, a mammogram at Advanced Imaging takes just 15 minutes – from the time you park your car until you leave. So much for “I don’t have time to get a mammogram.” The technology also eliminates film. Images are stored digitally and can be accessed virtually by the referring healthcare provider from their offices or laptops. Plus, all mammograms taken at Advanced Imaging are read promptly by local radiologists.

Three locations add convenience.

Advanced Imaging’s mammography patients come from all across Western Montana. Our three centers are conveniently located to make it easy for them to get a mammogram and get on with their day. Our original center, located on South Avenue just off Reserve, is convenient to the southern half of Missoula and for patients coming up from the Bitterroot. Our location at Grant Creek Town Center is on North Reserve in the heart of Missoula’s shopping corridor. It’s convenient to the Rattlesnake, Grant Creek, the lower Clark Fork and the Mission Valley. And in September 2016 we opened our newest facility in Stevensville in the Stevi Junction Center on Hwy. 93 to better serve our Bitterroot Valley patients.

A comfortable environment.

Though you’re not likely to spend much time at either Advanced Imaging, you won’t mind the time you spend. Parking is extremely convenient. Our waiting areas are open and airy with comfortable seating. We have private dressing rooms. We even serve warm cookies and bottled water while you wait. Most important, the people at Advanced Imaging are among the best and most experienced in the region. The staff and technologists are dedicated professionals who put patients at ease and ensure everything, from completing forms to healthcare provider consultation to filing insurance claims, goes smoothly.

Choose Advanced Imaging.

It’s your choice where you have your mammogram taken. Ask your healthcare provider about the benefits of choosing digital mammography and Advanced Imaging.






Advanced Imaging, 2803 South Avenue, Missoula, Montana 59804. Phone: Toll Free (866) 462-4306.